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HWF Academic Scholarship Program



Throughout her lifetime Helene V. B. Wurlitzer (1874-1963) developed and funded several humanitarian programs ranging from music education, radio programs, academic scholarship programs, medical research and other philanthropic endeavors.

During the first half of the 20th century, Helene was very active in supporting the College of Music of Cincinnati. In the 1930's she was instrumental in developing a radio and television department for the purpose of musical expression, as well as a scholarship program.

It was during her work as the first woman on the College's Board of Regents that she met a young opera singer from Taos, Eduardo Rael. Their friendship was a catalyst for Helene moving to Taos in the early 1940's. In 1955 the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music bestowed an honorary doctorate degree upon Helene for her contributions to the College and its students.

In her later years Helene became a patroness to dozens of visual, literary, and musical artists in and around Taos. In 1954 she established The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico (HWF). In addition to the HWF artist residency program, Helene was sure to incorporate a student scholarship program intended to support aspiring artists.


1940's Taos, NM - Helene Wurlitzer with youngsters outside her home in Taos.


HWF Today

Consistent with Helene's lifelong dedication to supporting education, The HWF continues its tradition of providing academic scholarships to graduating high school students who wish to enter college as art majors.

Every year the HWF Scholarship Committee selects two emerging art students from the Taos community to receive the scholarship. The scholarship renews each year that the student enrolls in good standing for up to four years.


High school seniors in Taos County are eligible and encouraged to apply for the scholarship, and can find out more about the application process here: HWF Scholarship Info


The HWF Academic Scholarship Program is a donor-funded program. To support this program and Taos' emerging artists visit our Donate page.